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Entrance Ceremony
Curriculum Meeting

The homeroom teachers inform the parents of the details and changes in the curriculum for each class.


Summer Camp

The children in K2 and K3 participate in a summer camp for two days. They experience a variety of activities such as singing and dancing with their teachers around the campfire.


Open Day

In the ELC, please enjoy watching videos of our regular classes.

Parent Teacher Conference

The homeroom teachers share with the parents the children's daily growth, learning and daily life. This event is held twice a year, at the end of the first term and the end of the second term.

Career counseling

*Kindergarten only, on request


Summer School

Summer school is offered during the summer vacation period (mid-July to the end of August) in the kindergarten for four weeks.
The classes are based on weekly themes such as space and insects. Children who do not attend the school are also welcome to participate.

Summer Party

On the last day of summer school, the children enjoy summer activities such as yo-yo fishing and making portable shrines.


Curriculum Meeting (Kindergarten only)

Homeroom teachers inform the guardians of the details and changes in the curriculum for the second term.

Sports Day
Halloween Party

Not only children and teachers, but also parents are invited to dress up and participate in the Halloween party.

Winter Celebration

The children perform the songs and plays they have practiced so hard on a big stage in front of their guardians.


New Year’s Activities


Coffee House

The K2 and K3 children serve drinks and snacks to the guardians and present the results of their practice, including plays and songs.

Career counseling

*Kindergarten only, on request

Graduation Ceremony



Each month, the children enjoy a meeting based on a theme. If the theme is "Community Workers," the children wear the uniform of their favorite profession. We also celebrate the birthdays of children born in that month.

Evacuation Drill

Evacuation drills are conducted once a month at each campus. The drills cover not only earthquakes and fires, but also evacuation in case of intrusion by suspicious persons.