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関西国際学園 教員

The world is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to predict what society will look like in 15 or 20 years, and there are still no rules for success in that society.

The role of education is not to impose what we think adults need to know, but to help them acquire the skills they need to think ahead and to be able to adapt to the changes of the times. It is the ability to think for themselves, to understand what they are lacking and acquire it for themselves, to have a goal and make a plan to achieve it for themselves, and to continue to learn for a lifetime.

It’s time for education to change. It is time for educators to break free from stereotypes, to rethink the purpose of education, and to create from scratch what schools should be.

We need to create a thorough program to ensure that our students have the skills they really need when they enter the workforce. 

For example, do we really need tests? How many jobs require you to solve problems using only your own memory without looking at any books or resources or asking others? Work is done as a team and we use all the information we have to solve problems or create something. Therefore, learning should be like that too.

As a bilingual school, our students learn English as a global language and Japanese as the language of the country we reside in. In addition to learning both languages at a high level, we continue to introduce new approaches and learning methods to develop human resources who can contribute to the international community. I wonder if every single thing we do will lead to the development of people who will be active in the international community. All of our decisions come back to that goal.It’s an education that neither our teachers nor our parents have ever received before. Every day is a new adventure.Let’s work together to shape the future of Japan through educational innovation.

Founder Kumiko Nakamura

Businesses that cannot adapt to the changing society won’t survive. However, why does education not change? 
In the time where uniqueness is required and practical usage ICT is a norm, can education be the same as before?

“40 years gap of education” by a British educationist, says parents do not doubt that the education they’re giving to their children is from 20 years ago, meanwhile what children really need is the education that seeks 20 years ahead. There is a 40 years of gap between “parents thought” and “necessary education”. 

We as Kansai International Academy will continue to change and provide necessary education for the future, which we believe will nurture leaders with an international mindset.

Please believe in the possibility of children, without forcing any values, and please have the courage to let your children have “a new education that you have never experienced before”.

Curriculum Lab Advisor

Ken Mogi

Takeshi Natsuno

Special Teacher

Norie Suzuki

Yoshi Tamori